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Vallier: Brunch Going Downhill

Saturday, October 13, 2012

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The Pitch

Waking up late on a Saturday after a long night often means we're too lazy to make anything at home and brunch outside calls for it.  Since winter is slowly creeping in with its chill, we wanted to go somewhere that doesn't have long line-ups for brunch.  Vallier fit the order since they have a huge space and, if you need to wait, it'll be inside.

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The Mood

With its wood clad walls and brick exposed side, Vallier mimics a huge wood cabin.  The large wooden columns and beams break up the spacious dining room.  The place is usually full for brunch so it does get a little loud.

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The Food

The brunch menu is not very creative and consists of staple items such as omelettes, Benedicts, and waffles.  You'll also find a couple of heavier dishes like a burger and a steak.  They offer a bottomless filter coffee but other coffees are charged by the cup.

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox

$12.50,  rating:  miss

Served with roast potatoes and dressed greens.  Not sure where they were going with this one.  The lox was fine, but there was too much of the onion to the point I felt the bitterness.  There was also romaine lettuce and tomatoes topping that? That's a first for me!  And excuse me, no capers?!?!  It's not a smoked salmon bagel without them.  Total miss on this one.

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Cheddar Omelette

$15.75,  rating:  so-so

Served with roast potatoes, dressed greens and a cup of mixed fruits.  Nothing special here: scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese and folded to make an omelette.  The eggs were ok (although a bit dry for my taste), but they were skimpy on the potatoes.  The side "salad" was dressed properly but frankly I think it was just an excuse to put something green on the plate.

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The Service

The service at Vallier is usually very warm and attentive.  Recently, however, this has not been the case.  Today it was average at best.  Even though we received a warm welcome and got our coffees quickly, it went downhill from there.  My coffee was cold and had spills all over the saucer.  I had to ask for refills which took a while to get there, and no one really checked to see how our meal was going.

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The Verdict

Even though the food at Vallier is not exceptional, it was one of those warm no-fuss go-to places.  We've been here a lot of times over the years, and there's a definite downtrend overall.  Food is becoming increasingly spotty, lesser portions, and service level decreasing to a point that doesn't justify the price point or type of establishment they portray.  There are easily three or four other places in the neighbourhood that offer a way better experience.

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