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Satay Brothers: Sizzling Saint-Henri

Sunday, February 10, 2013

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The Pitch

Following Griffintown and Little Burgundy, Saint-Henri is currently subject to the widespread gentrification taking place in the entire Sud-Ouest borough.  It seems a new restaurant and condo project are announced on a monthly basis.  A few weeks ago, the popular Satay Brothers food kiosk from Marché Atwater opened up a permanent location on a dreary stretch of Saint-Jacques Ouest.

The Mood

The interior is very simple, cozy and intimate, not to mention tiny.  There are three communal tables and a small spot on the bar to choose from, just about enough to seat 30 people at most.  The décor is minimalistic, consisting of red painted walls and Oriental decorative objects and artifacts.

tagged  claustrophobia anyone?

The Food

The wall menu, written on a chalkboard, features a few fan favorites such as the satay chicken skewers and steam buns, as well as other Southeast Asian dishes and a section for changing specials.  If you're into hot and spicy food, make sure to mention it, as the guys in the kitchen know how to set your mouth on fire without overwhelming your taste buds.

Bun Vapeur (Tofu) x2

Starter,  $6.09,  rating:  hit

Grilled tofu, cucumber, fresh coriander with hoisin sauce packed up in steamed buns.  We thought these went better with the Marché's "street food" theme, but they're still delicious.

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Laksa Lemak (Regular)

Main,  $7.83,  rating:  classic

A coconut milk broth containing noodles, bean sprouts, tofu and small (quail?) eggs.  We absolutely LOVED it with the added homemade chili paste.  Easily the best soup we've had in years.

Click to Enlarge

Mee Goreng

Main,  $7.83,  rating:  so-so

We can't comment much on this noodle plate, as we were still stunned by how amazing the soup was (any dish will have to pack a whole lot of punch following that one to avoid going unnoticeable).  At the very least, it was a good way to end our meal.

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tagged  mouth on fire!

The Service

We were attended to by one of the Satay Brothers himself, which was a treat, as we got to chat away about their new place and what they have in store for the summer.  For those of you worried about their presence in the Marché, don't fret; the brothers will be back come the warm season.

tagged  love the attention

The Verdict

If you've been reading us long enough, you'll know that we don't fall for hype or trends.  The Satay Brothers' food kiosk was a rare place that we actually loved from the first try.  Based on tonight's dinner, we can confidently say that the brothers are still on the right track with their new establishment.  This one is bound to be a permanent fixture in the burgeoning Saint-Henri neighborhood.

tagged  solid

Price per person:  $13.05


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