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Ryu: New Summer Menu

Monday, May 19, 2014

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Disclaimer:  This meal was comped.

The Pitch

Does anyone recall a time when Kaizen and Soto reigned supreme over the city's sushi scene?  Now relegated to history, the two have been succeeded by Jun I and PARK (funnily enough, run by the same chefs as the former two).  As such, we haven't felt compelled to try anything else in the sushi realm in years, for fear of disappointment in comparison.  That changed tonight, as we attended a media event at Ryu to sample the new summer menu.

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The Mood

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Located on the posh and happening stretch of Laurier Avenue just off of Parc, Ryu features a sleek, glossy and trendy interior (with the exception of the wacky mural next to the restrooms featuring Astro Boy, Bruce Lee, a sumo wrestler and others).  There is a little deck outside with enough room for two small tables, certain to attract diners looking for a little sun after the harsh winter we've had.

The Food

Ryu describes itself as a Japanese/fusion tapas restaurant, with made-to-share plates.  For the event, we were treated to a combination of crowd-pleasers such as maki, popcorn shrimp and spicy lobster, as well as cured fishes like arctic char and striped sea bass, to name a few.  The offering was actually reminiscent of the one at Kyo's media launch (a newer restaurant).

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Popcorn Shrimp

"with spicy mayo & green onion"

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Asian Cabbage Salad

"with wakame"

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Beet-Cured Arctic Char

"with burrata & beets"

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Striped Sea Bass Ceviche

"with fried leek, truffle mayo & black tobiko"

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Spicy Lobster on Crispy Rice Cake

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Filet Mignon Tataki

"topped with fried kale, side of caramel fries"

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The Verdict

While not exactly at the Jun I or PARK level, Ryu still seems like a fun place to go with friends and share a light or full meal over drinks.  After perusing the online menu, we noticed that we were mostly served appetizers tonight, so we will have to come back another time to give their full sushi experience a test drive.  Until then, we suggest you "enter the dragon" and see for yourself.


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