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Reuben's: A Breakfast of Champions

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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The Pitch

Food snobs have a tendency to dismiss our city's downtown core and label it a tourist/student haven.  Having lived in or around the area for over 15 years now, we share no such prejudice and have our share of regular spots here.  One such place is Reuben's Deli, which we've been frequenting for years, be it for brunch, lunch, dinner or even breakfast, as was the case on this Thanksgiving weekend morning.

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The Mood

The Food

The breakfast options are plenty at Reuben's.  However, there is one main reason we come here to fuel up and start our day…

The R.D. Skillet

$8.49,  rating:  classic

"home-style potatoes topped with two grade A eggs, sautéed onions, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and slices of our famous Montreal smoked meat".  There is simply no heartier breakfast this side of the city.  Ask for the eggs cooked to your liking and enjoy them with the salty/smoky/sour medley of flavors.  At under $9, THIS is a real breakfast of champions that keeps us coming back.

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The Verdict

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1116 Sainte-Catherine Street West
H3B 1H5

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