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Namos: Greek Tapas Anyone?  *closed*

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Disclaimer:  This meal was comped.

The Pitch

Montrealers are spoiled when it comes to Greek cuisine, thanks to the Hellenic community's long presence here, particularly in Mile-End.  Fresh on the scene is Namos, a former mom & pop restaurant that just underwent a major transformation at the hands of their son, new chef/owner Peter Christopoulos.  Tonight we attended a media dinner to sample his fresh take on Greek mezzes.

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The Mood

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Cast aside the rustic interiors characteristic of most Greek eateries, with their patterned tablecloth and matching tableware.  The décor at Namos is modern and sleek; perfectly attuned to the new, young and hip Mile-End demographic.

The Food

Food Image

Namos proposes a different take on Greek cuisine; all dishes are served tapas style and are made to share.  The portion sizes are such that a small group can sample many dishes in one sitting, instead of the usual meat/fish plates with their side of carbs and salad that you can barely finish.  Here are the highlights of the evening's tasting menu (yes, there was more...):

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Grilled Tunisian Octopus

"with red onion and capers"

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Grilled Loukaniko Sausage

"with lemon and red onions, on homemade pita bread"

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Shrimp Cakes

"with a spicy mayo sauce"

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Grilled Calamari

"with garlic, lemon, oil and dill"

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"finely chopped romaine lettuce with dill and shallots, topped with kefalotiri cheese"

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Meatballs with Mama's Tomato Sauce

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"Greek honeyballs"

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The Verdict

If there's one thing to take away from our dinner at Namos, it would be its uniqueness.  Where else can you eat inventive Greek food made to share in a fresh and modern setting?  They are also open for lunch and their terrace should be a hit come summer time!


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