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Milos: Poseidon's Feast

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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The Pitch

Named after the Aegean island that is home to the statue of Poseidon (god of the sea), Milos has served as the city's premiere Greek restaurant for over three decades now.  With locations in New York, Athens, Vegas and Miami, Milos is a rare Montreal export that has achieved international success.

The Mood

From the valet service outside to the charming interior and formally attired staff, Milos exudes an air of classiness with a Mediterranean flair.  We have been here a handful of times over the last fifteen years, and have yet to see an empty table.  This landmark estiatorio draws a mixed crowd of old money, large families, young couples and foodies alike.

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The Food

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Milos is all about the sourcing and quality of its products.  Everything from the fish and seafood to the produce and wine is proudly displayed in the dining room for all to see. With main dishes in the $40-range, Milos sure is pricy, which is to be expected when most of the fish is privately-imported several times a week.


Starter,  $27,  rating:  hit

"sashimi quality Mediterranean octopus, charcoal broiled".  A staple dish in Greek tavernas, this hit the spot on all levels.  Perfectly grilled tender octopus with charcoaled bits lying on a bed of sharp, crispy onions and drizzled with a sweet, fruity olive oil.

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Grilled Shrimps

Starter,  $21,  rating:  hit

"three premium quality white Gulf shrimps, grilled and infused with Takrai".  The large succulent shrimps had a subtle citrus flavor and were straight delicious.  The beans were creamy while the baby chard salad added a delicate bitterness.

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"Big Eye" Tuna

Main,  $38,  rating:  hit

"sashimi quality, served only blue rare".  This melt-in-your-mouth tuna showcases how the quality of the product shines through.  The beets with the garlic mash were also worthy of mention.  However, while the elements were good, we thought they did not complement each other and almost took away from the tuna.

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Pasta with Lobster

Main,  $38,  rating:  hit

"in a light house-made tomato sauce".  We really enjoyed the full buttery lobster that was excellently cooked.  The sauce was very rich and almost too sweet, but no so much that it would take away from the experience.

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Dessert,  $9.50,  rating:  so-so

"layered phyllo with almonds, pure thyme honey, cinnamon".  We are of the opinion that cinnamon has no place in baklava.  While we enjoyed the crispy phyllo and the sweet nuts, we couldn't just ignore the cinnamon, which was somewhat overpowering.

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The Service

Courtesy, knowledge and experience is what you'd expect from a classy staff at a classy establishment.  We commend our waiter for not overselling us and instead advising us to ditch the sides when asked.  At no point during the night did we feel any of our needs were not promptly addressed.

The Verdict

Milos is a Montreal institution and a nod to the city's Greek heritage.  The cuisine is simple and it has every reason to be.  The restaurant's whole raison d'Ítre is to let the ingredients speak for themselves.  The fish and seafood here are second to none in terms of freshness and quality. For this reason, a dinner at Milos is worthy of Poseidon or any other Greek deity.

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Price per person:  $62


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