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Joe's Panini: Inaugural Meeting

Friday, March 16, 2012

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The Pitch

For the first meeting we held to discuss our new blog, we decided to grab a very quick bite around the area where we live.  Joe's Panini came to mind right away, as our city's downtown is mostly filled with fast/junk food joints or eat-in restaurants.  Lazy as we are, we still decided to take the car, which of course is a bad idea in this part of the city.  After a few minutes of circling around, we were lucky enough to find a spot right in front of this 24-hour panini "stand".

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The Mood

Friday night was game-night, as the Habs were playing Ottawa in the nation's capital.  A wide-screen TV was playing the game, with full audio on.  During the few minutes we were there, we got the feeling that this place is frequented by a number of regulars during or after their shift, as a taxi driver and a security guard were chit-chatting with the cashier, mostly about the game.

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The Food

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The menu is nothing special.  You'll find your everyday sandwiches of various Italian deli cuts, regular lunch items like tuna salad and egg salad, and a couple of out-of-place items like the gyro and the burger (I guess if you have a flat grill, why not?).  The BBQ Rib on the menu seems intriguing, so we might give it a try next time we're in the area and up for a quick bite.

Spicy Grilled Chicken

$5.50,  rating:  hit

The sandwich will not blow your mind, but it is a hit for a sandwich on the go.  Standard issue lemon-garlic marinated chicken, Frank's hot sauce mixed with some mayo for the spicy sauce, a couple of slices of cheese, and a bit of veggies in a slice of tomato and some lettuce.  The chicken was still moist after grilling, but the lettuce became somewhat limp after the panini press session.

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Philly Cheese Steak

$5.50,  rating:  so-so

A very simple sandwich.  Thinly sliced steak cooked on the flat grill, slices of what I assume is provolone cheese, and a few strips of red pepper.  Kind of lacking in flavour, but it wasn't a disaster.

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The Service

While the cashier was talkative and friendly in his own way, we thought the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich took a little too long to make.  We easily waited between 5 and 10 minutes between our two orders.

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The Verdict

You won't be swept away by the sandwiches at Joe's Panini, but it is still a standout in our downtown core, especially if you want a quick bite on-the-go (they wrap the sandwiches well enough not to spill anything on your business attire).

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Price per person:  $7


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