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Drinkerie: Rainy "Thirstday"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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The Pitch

On Thursday we decided to grab a drink and a bite at Drinkerie Ste-Cunegonde; it was raining and we didn't want to venture too far.  Despite all the spots mushrooming on this busy stretch of Notre Dame, it seems we are always able to find a parking spot steps away from our destination.

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The Mood

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The interior décor is nice, except for the kitschy “artwork” hanging near the entrance.  The space is nicely arranged with a long bar to the left, tables against the right wall, and long elevated counters in the middle.  The only problem is the noise level; you can barely hear the music or your party's dialogue against the loud background chatter (it was only 8PM, mind you).

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The Food

There are not a lot of food choices (it's a bar after all) but you'll find some finger food, cheeses and sandwiches.  They have 8 beers on tap and a few interesting cocktails.

Gin & Pins

Cocktail,  $8,  rating:  miss

Hendrick's gin, Campari, orange zest, rosemary, tonic.  The drink looks pretty and sounds interesting, but to be honest, it just tasted like watered-down Campari.

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Sandwich à la saucisse

Main,  $10,  rating:  so-so

Served with sauerkraut, a sliced pickle and chips.  There are three sausages to choose from; I went with jalapeno cheddar.  The sausage itself was juicy with a crispy skin, but the rest of the sandwich failed to impress.  The baguette was soggy (maybe from the pickle juices or sauerkraut) and presented upside down, the sauerkraut was slightly bitter and tasteless, and the chips were stale.

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Sandwich de viande fumée

Main,  $12,  rating:  so-so

Served with a sliced pickle and chips.  The sandwich tasted overwhelmingly of French's Yellow mustard, while the chips and pickle could not be more average (see above).

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The Service

We didn't have to wait long between our drinks, which is what you'd expect at a bar.  The staff also made sure we didn't need anything during our “meal”.  Nothing special, but pleasant service overall.

The Verdict

Drinkerie is a cool place to grab a drink; don't count on having a fulfilling meal though.  It does get rowdy and crowded after 10pm, and we did see Win Butler from Arcade Fire there (not sure if this is a frequent occurrence) so if you like groovy tunes and hope to spot a random local celebrity, check this place out.

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Price per person:  $19.25


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