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F+F Pizza: Delivery Discovery

Saturday, June 9, 2012

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The Pitch

It's Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal, which usually translates to sitting at home to avoid the crowds (and striking students) all over town.  Tonight I decided to order myself a pizza from F+F Pizza, which I have been eyeing for a while now as I drive in front of it regularly.

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The Food

The menu is very simple yet appetizing; they only make individual size pizzas, but the focus is on the ingredients.  Those are fresh and high quality.

Wild Mushrooms Pizza

$12,  rating:  so-so

"Fresh tomato sauce, shiitakes, cpes, morels, chanterelles, champignons de Paris, garlic, olive oil & onions".  The toppings were great and on the mark, but the pizza arrived too cold for my taste.  Also, the dough was a little tough.

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The Verdict

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Price per person:  $14


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