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Brit & Chips: Hit & Miss

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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The Pitch

Anybody familiar with the Montreal bar scene knows that Thursday is THE 5a7 night.  After attending the fall season 5a7 launch party at New City Gas, we needed some serious grub to soak up the alcohol and bring us back down to earth.  We let our hunger guide us along the short walk from Griffintown to Rue McGill, to find ourselves at Brit & Chips (our 2nd time here).

The Mood

Naturally, we sat ourselves on one of the sidewalk tables to take advantage of the unusually pleasant weather we've had of late.  To be honest, the interior is a little outdated and not very inviting anyway, not to mention that by 9M, there was barely a soul in the dining room.

The Food

Food Image

As expected, the menu largely consists of varieties of fish fried with different batters, plus an assortment of English nibbles, salads, pasties and sides (mostly fried too).  There is also an interesting selection of imported sodas and beers, but for tonight, we stuck with some local Bierbrier to accompany our grease-fest.

Curry Fish Cake

Starter,  $5,  rating:  so-so

White fish and potatoes, heavily seasoned with spicy curry, make up this thick breaded patty.  It was well heated through, had a crispy exterior, and did not feel dense or heavy; but we thought that the curry flavour was a little overwhelming.

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Steak & Vegetable Pasty

Starter,  $5,  rating:  miss

We've had fabulous freshly made pasties.  We've also had great reheated pasties.  We can confidently say tonight's is a shame.  The shell was hard as a brick; it was closer to eating shrapnel.  No amount of sauce was going to save it tonight.

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Main,  $10,  rating:  miss

"Sour cream & onion batter".  The fish was on the overcooked, mushy side and while the batter did have a tangy oniony flavour, it was drenched in oil.  That made it soft, heavy on the stomach, and generally unappealing.

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Cod n' Chips

Main,  $12,  rating:  hit

"Burgundy batter".  The cod was nicely cooked and the batter was light and crisp, and had a very subtle sweetness to it.  The accompanying tartar sauce carried the right amount of brininess needed to bring the fish alive.

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tagged  not for the faint-hearted, spotty

The Service

The service was pleasant, knowledgeable, and prompt.  Our waitress saw we were ordering a lot of food, at which point she suggested to drop one side of chips (fries).  We respect that kind of responsibility and salute it.

The Verdict

We might not think Brit & Chips offers the best ever fish n' chips, but its location and unique concept in Montreal combined with affordable prices make it a decent joint to visit again, especially after an evening of heavy drinking nearby.

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Price per person:  $17


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