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Blackstrap BBQ:

Sorry, We're Out

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The Pitch

We finally got to try this much-hyped BBQ joint during Poutine Week.  We really came here to sample their "Burnt Ends Poutine" as part of our poutine crawl, but were disappointed to find they had run out of it (a recurring theme apparently, Poutine Week or not read on).  We therefore decided to make a separate review out of our visit.

The Mood

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Blackstrap is set up exactly the way a southern BBQ joint should be: small, casual with a large smoker that takes center stage in the open kitchen.  You scan the wall-hung menu, place your order and pay at the cash, then wait for your food or sit down (if you're lucky) at the bar against the wall or the two picnic tables available.


The Food

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The menu revolves around five barbecued meats: pork, brisket, turkey, ribs and chicken.  You can get these in either sandwich or plate form, with quite a few sides to choose from.  When we showed up around 7:30PM, they had already run out of brisket and ribs, which didn't leave us much choice.  Since this was our first stop on our poutine crawl, we decided to just have a couple of sandwiches.

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Pork Sandwich

"Served with coleslaw, side of BBQ beans".  The pulled pork was moist enough but we found the smoky flavour a little lost.  The coleslaw had a nice tang and crunch to it, and the beans were just AWESOME: sweet, smoky, and spicy.

rated:  HIT

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Turkey Sandwich

"Served with coleslaw, side of fried macaroni and cheese".  Again, good sandwich overall with the same tangy coleslaw, but the turkey meat was a little dry for our taste.  The fried mac n' cheese, however, was just delicious!

rated:  SO-SO

The Service

The lady at the cash machine was friendly and we didn't have to wait too long before getting our food.  She also informed us that that the turkey sandwich we ordered was the last one they had, meaning they sold out three of the five meats on the menu.  We know the place is popular, but we were hoping that 6+ months after opening, this sort of problem didn't happen as often.

tagged:  WE'RE OUT

The Verdict

To be perfectly honest, our first visit to Blackstrap BBQ was rather disappointing.  We were expecting more food-wise, based on the overwhelmingly positive blog reviews it received.  Ultimately, however, we are having trouble getting past the whole "sold out" situation.  We will definitely have to come back again to give a final verdict, with the hopes that inventories will be healthier then.


Price per person:  $10.49



"the size of the smoker is limited, so not matter how long they have been open, the supply wouldnt change...unless they get a new one"

posted Feb 21, 2013 @ 15:00


"We have a rule, like it once, try it again. Well this palce failed us on our second visit. We were able to try everything, but I find my bbq sauce is better and I will just have to live without going out for bbq."

posted Apr 20, 2013 @ 11:12


"Personally I loved my experience at Blackstrap BBQ, and I like restaurants that have no shame in running out of items. It demonstrates an unwillingness to produce (too much) waste, which having worked in restaurants for many years, I've seen way too much of."

posted Jan 31, 2014 @ 05:44


"i've their food twice and was disappointed both times. I found the meat dry ( turkey, brisket, chicken) and the bread so-so.
The lady at the cash was pretty prompt, like she didn't want to explain things.
Really small , 2 tables...you need to love eating with strangers! I'm sad because I wanred to love this place..."

posted Dec 29, 2014 @ 07:54


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