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Mon Nan: The Hunt Is Over

Saturday, February 14, 2015

in  restaurantasianchinesechinatownmoderate<$40

Chinatown is a tough cookie for us; although we love Chinese food, our frame of reference was the American variation we grew up eating in the Middle East.  With so many options in the area, we never knew where to go for a good, authentic meal; the disappointments were frequent and the gems rare.  That ... continue

The Verdict    solid

Poutine Week Montreal: Playing It Safe

Saturday, February 7, 2015

in  festivalcomfort foodconcordia ghettodowntown corelittle burgundy

Now in its third edition, the week-long celebration of Quebec's most iconic dish has grown considerably to include fifty restaurants in Montreal alone, not to mention four other cities.  With so many options, we aimed to turn things around this year following the (mostly) passable poutines we got to ... continue

The Verdict    plan b.

La Queue de Poisson: Fishmongering in Verdun

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

in  restaurantseafoodfish & chipsverduncasual<$20

‘Twas on a bone-chilling day that we walked into La Queue de Poisson seeking a hot, comforting meal for lunch.  The chippy-cum-poissonnerie has been open on Verdun's Promenade Wellington for about a year now.  We haven't heard much about it asides from critic Sarah Musgrave's less-than-enthusiastic ... continue

The Verdict    retry

Burger Royal: Beef Fit for a King

Friday, December 19, 2014

in  restaurantcomfort foodburgersthe maincasual<$20

Our previous review having all but ruined burgers for us, we wanted to close out the year on a higher note.  We had never been to Burger Royal before, but heard very good things from a few friends.  The promise of "farm to table" and everything prepared fresh and in-house kept our hopes up…... continue

The Verdict    retry

Windsor Hyper Bar: Three Strikes and You're Out!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

in  bar/loungecomfort foodthe maincasual<$40

Joining the ranks of homegrown resto/bar chains (e.g. La Belle et la Boeuf, Jack Saloon) that started out in the suburbs then invaded the city is Windsor Hyper Bar.  Following Brossard, the owners of this sports bar/grill decided to try their luck with an outpost on the volatile stretch of Saint-Laurent ... continue

The Verdict    subpar

Montreal restaurant and bar reviews brought to you by two regular guys that like to eat and drink. We will go anywhere and we will say it like it is.

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